Welcome to Productive General Practice

This e-learning is aimed at making the most crucial tools in relation to the Productive General Practice and Releasing Time modules really easy to understand so that you can apply them with confidence.

This learning has been designed to be as succinct as possible, and on average should take you around 20 minutes to complete per 'course'.

If you are experiencing any issues please email: Jo.Dawson@nhsiq.nhs.uk

For any general enquiries please contact: productivegeneralpractice@institute.nhs.uk

Available Courses

  • Having a well organised working physical workspace can seem like a simple thing to achieve. In reality it can be difficult to create and even harder to maintain. This course will take you through how the 5S should be used as a productivity tool - and will give illustrated examples of its use.
  • Have any of the changes you have made ever failed to stick or revert back to the old process? When implementing change, it is essential to test it first - this short e-learning course will provide a demonstration and key learning in a tried and tested method of structuring the changes you want to happen.
  • Many problems in healthcare performance originate from the way processes are organised and delivered across the system. This short course will demonstrate and teach you how to make a definitive visual representation of steps in your processes and how you can use this to more easily identify areas for improvement and feed these into your improvement plans.
  • There are many sources of variation in healthcare that impact on our processes. This short course will help you understand techniques for identifying the variation you can control and plan for, how you can identify when variation is significant how to feed this into improvement planning.